Qonic Beta has launched!

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The Qonic Beta is here!

After two years of development and gathering feedback from our closed beta community, we are ready to share the open beta.

Deep Collaboration in Qonic

Revolutionizing the design and construction process through collaboration has always been the ultimate goal. However, it has always been a challenge to involve non-technical and non-BIM experts in the process.

Qonic core modelling workflow

If you're looking for a solid modeling toolbox that can help you fully model designs with the highest level of detail, be sure to check out our core modeling workflow.

Accurate quantities

Our mission at Qonic is to enable users to increase the level of development of a design faster and more consistently – taking the model LOD from a design intent model to a construction model.

Qonic Talks

We held our very first Qonic Talks event! The main focus of the evening was on Qonic's cloud platform, which allows users to collaboratively create more accurate BIM models faster and more consistently.

Qonic’s solid modeller

Our solid modelling toolbox will enable you to fully model designs to the highest detail, including real-life building systems and connections.

Qonic’s data editing tools

For Qonic, it is not sufficient to stop at just allowing users to view the imported IFC data, but we also allow editing of this data.

Qonic in AEC Magazine

New start-up Qonic aims to help, according to AEC Magazine.

Qonic’s data exploration tools

Using our data exploration tools, it is possible to browse IFC data by filtering the model using a combination of different properties.

Viewer technology to power Qonic’s solid modelling

Getting the viewing fundamentals right was a key priority – needed for building Qonic’s unique solid modelling workflows on top of it

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