BIM needs better

collaboration. ^1000

usability. ^1000

accuracy. ^1000

performance. ^1000

Detail and upscale your BIM design faster and more consistently, smoothly going from a design intent model to an accurate construction model.


Deep collaboration involving all AEC parties

Qonic connects everyone in the BIM process across and outside your organization, with granular permission workflows and built-in versioning.


Built for
non-technical users

Traditional Bim tools are too cumbersome to use and require a high level of technological expertise. Our software is intuitive to use to ensure that all project architects, contractors, and field engineers are able to extract maximum benefit.


BIM is in the details

The Qonic toolset allows to detail and upscale BIM designs to the highest level of development, needed to derive exact quantities and to maintain an accurate digital twin.


Scalable streaming and cloud technology

Our high-performance cloud infrastructure enables real-time manipulations regardless the size and complexity of the BIM model.

Solid modeller

Complete solid modeller from architect to contractor.

Model without constraints by utilizing tools like push/pull, union, subtract, and sweep. Qonic combines accurate solid geometry and complex freeform geometry.

Structural assemblies

Add detailed construction assemblies for walls and floors in minutes, not days.

Linear details

Add details such as roof caps, lintels, plinths, and others to detail out your design.

3D Connections

Model connections with correct layer joints and copy them throughout the rest of the model.

Data exploration

Do you speak IFC ? Qonic does.

An IFC model contains all sorts of information, ranging from materials to properties, location, and much more. We provide tools to query the data in your model in a powerful, yet intuitive way.


For web, mobile,
Windows and Mac.

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