April 18, 2024

What’s new in Qonic
We're excited to announce the latest release of Qonic, our high-performance BIM modeling platform for AEC collaboration in the cloud. With this release, we're ending the beta phase and introducing a host of new features and enhancements to empower teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively than ever before.

New Modeling Tools

Qonic comes equipped with powerful solid modeling tools designed to facilitate the creation of accurate construction models.

Data Enhancement Tools

Qonic enhances data management capabilities with a range of new tools.

Platform Improvements

Enjoy automatic saving, Rhino support, IFC4 export, and a mobile-friendly interface.

Public Release


Qonic comes equipped with powerful solid modeling tools designed to facilitate the creation of accurate construction models.

  • Align Faces: Align one or more faces with another surface.
  • Slice: Slice a selection set by one or more surfaces.
  • Subtract: Easily subtract the geometry of one selection set from another.
  • Copy: Quickly duplicate objects.
  • Dynamic Dimensions: Manipulate geometry with ease using dynamic dimensions.
  • Context-Sensitive Snapping: Snap to existing geometry while modeling.

Data Enhancement

Qonic enhances data management capabilities with a range of new tools.

  • Property Management: Add, delete, or modify properties and their values of imported models.
  • Attribute Management: Manage properties, attributes, and relations of elements.
  • Custom Libraries: Access customizable libraries for properties, materials, and classification codes.
  • Reclassification: Reclassify products with the correct IFC class for improved model consistency.
  • Codification Integration: Integrate codifications from common classification systems via buildingSMART Data Dictionary.

Platform Improvements

We've made significant improvements to the Qonic platform to enhance user experience and productivity.

  • Automatic Saving: Your model changes are now automatically saved including integrated version history management.
  • Multi-Model Support: Seamlessly switch between multiple models.
  • Rhino support: Import Rhino (.3dm) files seamlessly into Qonic.
  • IFC4 Export: Export models to IFC4 format for improved interoperability.
  • Revit Plugin: Enjoy an enhanced Revit plugin for smoother workflow integration.
  • Saved Queries: Easily share predefined selection sets of your models
  • Mobile-Friendly: Access Qonic on the go with our mobile-friendly interface.
Update Second Beta

Various Enhancements and Fixes

Redesigned navigation gestures for enhanced user experience, box selection, support for multimodel editing, and an updated Explore panel.

  • New Navigation Gestures: Redesigned navigation and selection gestures for improved user experience.
  • Box Selection: Introducing box selection, activated by drawing a selection box.
  • Multimodel Editing Support: Work on multiple models simultaneously and switch between them seamlessly.
  • Explore Panel Overhaul: The Explore panel has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, enhancing usability and organization.
  • Increased File Size Upload Limit to 2GB: Experience the freedom to collaborate on large projects.
  • Renaming Models: Easily rename your models after uploading them.
Update First Beta

Various fixes

A new Qonic update is live with various fixes to enhance your experience

  • IFC Import: Improved boolean calculation for IFC import, resulting in a notable speed boost
  • Connect: Corrected messages encountered during the selection of single-layer walls in Connect
  • Split into Layers: Resolved a crash occurring when attempting to scope a yet-to-be-split wall
  • Push/Pull: : Fixed errors associated with property editing during Push/Pull operations
  • Project Avatar: Fixed the issue preventing the change or saving of the project avatar

Model management

Upload and manage IFC models

  • Upload and delete models in the dashboard
  • Open models in the Qonic application
  • View the entire history of changes in a model
  • Generate public URLs to share models with people outside the project

Security and permissions

Manage your organization

  • Create your own organization 
or join an existing one

Manage your projects

  • Create new projects
  • Invite organization members or external people to your projects

Manage people and their permissions

  • Organization roles
  • Project roles
  • Model access rights


Import and manage libraries 
via bsDD

  • Classification libraries
  • Material libraries


Intuitive and performant viewing functionality

  • Modern and performant viewing technology that can handle models of any complexity and scale
  • Smooth navigation: pan, orbit, zoom, look around and fly through your models
  • Scoping functionality to temporarily hide or isolate objects
  • Quick and intuitive creation of sections



  • Central search bar for quick searches
  • Explore panel for more specific queries
  • Inspect panel to view properties of one or more products
  • Classifications panel for an overview of all used classification codes and their associated products


  • Modify IFC properties
  • Classify objects using the libraries added in the dashboard


Detail: manipulate materials and thicknesses

  • Split into Layers
  • Strip to Layer
  • Replace with Layer
  • Add Layer
  • Flip Layers

Modify: general modeling tools

  • Push/Pull
  • Move
  • Connect


Choose which platform best suits your needs

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web browser

Revit Plugin

Upload models straight from 
within Revit

  • Plugin for uploading models directly from Revit
  • Geometry import
  • Property import

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