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High-performance BIM modelling platform for AEC collaboration in the cloud


Qonic isn't like anything I've seen before. It seeks to address common problems that affect everyone in the industry.


Technology built on a modern future-proof tech stack

Our high-performance cloud infrastructure enables real-time manipulations regardless the size and complexity of the BIM model.

Built for non-technical users

Our software is intuitive to use to ensure that all project architects, contractors, and field engineers are able to extract maximum benefit.

Deep collaboration on the cloud

Qonic connects everyone in the BIM process across and outside your organization, with granular permission workflows and built-in versioning.


For Web, Mobile, Desktop Windows and Mac.

Complete solid modeller from architect to contractor.

Model without constraints by utilizing tools like push/pull, union, subtract, and sweep.
Qonic combines accurate solid geometry and complex freeform geometry.

Direct modelling

Direct modelling tools for manipulating solid geometry and complex freeform geometry.

Smart and intuitive tools

Effortlessly move walls, slabs, and roofs while keeping their connected elements automaticaly attached.

Model with building systems

Split, modify, and connect multi-layered walls, slabs, and roofs to guarantee precise quantity take offs.

Design coordination

Query and fix models to have consistent data throughout the project for all the involved stakeholders, both in the office and in the field.

Coordinate models

Upload, share and manage either IFC or Revit models from different disciplines.

Query and manipulate IFC data

Tools to query and manipulate alphanumerical data in your model, including properties, materials, and categories, in a powerful yet intuitive way.

Manage model changes

Make design changes directly in Qonic, while keeping track of the entire version history. Retrieve the complete history of all changes at any time.

Quantity take-offs

Accurate and always up-to-date takeoffs to extract just the information you need

Classification and material libraries

Work with libraries of real standards, classification systems, and materials, including integrated measurement standards.

From design intent to construction

Detail and upscale your BIM designs faster and more consistently. Smoothly going from a design intent model to an accurate construction model.

Always up-to-date takeoffs

Quantities are calculated from the model automatically using the measurement standards. Get visual feedback for for added confidence.

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