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The Qonic team strongly believes in the promise of BIM technology for improving building performance. Read our mission statement


Allowing architects, engineers, and other building professionals to work with BIM data as atomized external objects, which can be packaged, versioned and merged. 

AtomIFC starts from the idea to have more granular IFC ‘atoms’ for each model object, allowing data to be exchanged as open, atomized IFC parts, while keeping track of which and when objects have been added, deleted, or modified.

Open Source

The library is open-source, available under an MIT license, and will remain so forever. C# library with IFC classes, and read/write support.

Full merge

Combine IFC objects from different files, while correctly handling all the corresponding relationships, attributes, and properties.

Partial merge
Merge partially IFC files per building story.
Owner history

Keep track of how many objects have been added, changed, and removed during merge.